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Darwin Chamber is the alter ego of Mark Greenfield. A son of Marin County in Northern California, this producer has been active in the progressive electronic music scene for more than twenty years. Just like the rest of the underground music scene's pioneers, he started learning his craft on a cheap keyboard at a friend's house and gradually kept moving on to more expensive equipment and more prestigious venues.

Over the past twenty years, Darwin Chamber has performed hundreds of live shows from The House of Blues to the San Francisco Cow Palace. In addition, his resume includes sound design for the pilot of South Park and the feature film Hoodwinked 2.

A professional sound engineer and bona fide "knob tweaker", Darwin Chamber has earned respect on a technical level as well as a creative one. Creatively, he is acknowledged as one of the earliest contributors to the breakbeat and trip-hop sub-genres.

Darwin Chamber first made a name for himself in San Francisco, but gained plenty of recognition on the national and world music scenes in the late '90s, even earning a nod from MTV. He released music on various labels, such as Moonshine Music and Basssex. Currently Darwin Chamber is releasing music in addition to nature sound effect albums via an iTunes exclusive partnership with Serwin Music Group.